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Coating Solutions International will share its unique perspective on our industry with our customers. As a leading supplier of protective water-based coatings to paper packaging treatments, we see paper-based packaging products from end to end. Coating Solutions International’s team brings well over 100 years of collective experience with corrugated packaging, folding carton, container/cup forming and coating experience. With our vision together, experience and our collaboration we will embrace your goal and deliver throughout the supply chain.

Technial Support


If you need assistance with CSI product, we can direct you to the appropriate person and place.

When you need assistance with a product, you will need to have the lot number of your product handy. The lot number will appear on your C of A and also your packaging material (if applicable), and starts with letter.

Please Email Us your feedback if you have a specific technical question that was not answered on our website at:


or call


Customer Support &
Technical Data Requests


What is the minimum order quantity?

4 Pallets per order (about 8000 lbs)

Shipping Containers

Drum 460 lbs / 208 kg)

IBC tote (2205 lbs/ 1000 kg)

Bulk (40,000 lbs / 18,000 kg) quantities.

What is the status of my order?

Please contact us at 877-749-9115 to get the most up to date status of your order.


Provided upon request and accompanied with “ALL” shipments

How do I obtain a Quality Certificate or Technical Information Sheet (TIS) for CSI products?

For Quality Certificates (C of A) you must contact CSI who will supply a copy to you electronically.
For technical data sheets, you can use the contact form on this website, or contact us at 877-749-9115

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