Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right coating to use?

A few things to consider, It is important to know the type of product being packaged, what functional properties are required and whether FDA compliance is required. It is necessary to know the manufacturing process. Does it glue, print, flame seal, heat seal or sonic sealing


Can CSI coatings be diluted?

Yes, keep in mind CSI coatings are custom formulated it is unlikely that dilution will be necessary. Diluting will affect performance of the coating. Diluting pitfalls can affect run speed, cause warping require longer drying time.


Is there one coating I can run for every coated order?

There is some degree of overlap in coating properties. CSI does not have one coating that will do every job.


Will pre-coated base stock help?

Pre-coated base stock is typically more uniformed, can have a high calendar that reduces pin holes potentially using less coating on paper There is less waste, mess and downtime.


What is typical shelf life of coatings?

Four to five months if unopened. It is important to rotate coating so that the oldest runs first. It also may be necessary to agitate before using.


Need A Coating?

Provide some basic information, describe your situation and objectives.  If it involves coatings we can help!

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